Hello, and first of all thank you for the purchase of your CoolFire Product.

Unfortunately, several kits got shipped with the fill nipple that protrudes from the end of the barrel without being properly de-burred. This has resulted in tearing of the gaskets, and although the gaskets will eventually wear out regardless, the unpolished nipples may result in a premature failure.

There are several ways to solve this problem;

1.Replace the gaskets inside the nipple on the fill block. There is two extra gaskets on the back side of the fill block. The replacement of the gasket is very easy, although I am in the process of making a video, making it easier to see exactly how to replace the gasket

That should eliminate the leak on your fill block – BUT – if your fill nipple in the barrel is still sharp or not polished to our spec, you may just continue to shred gaskets. Once you have exhausted the 2 extra gaskets on the fill block, we can validate if it is important to send you a new nipple and a few extra gaskets. The process to change the fill nipple is very easy.

Thank you,

CoolFire Tech Support